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The Green Room (opening February 2023) is an 800 SF indoor private room rental on the second floor of Building C. Equipped with tables and chairs for 50 people, a private bathroom and wet bar, this space is perfect for your private dinner, meeting, party or event. All food and beverages must be organized with Stomping Grounds tenants.

THe Green Room

During any concert or music event, the side stage is the perfect place to be up front and close to the action. An area just to the west of the stage, the Side Stage can fit 40 people for a semi-private view of the entertainment. Perfect for corporate events, or just a night out with friends. A private bartender can be arranged to serve guests. 

THE Side stage

Atop the second floor of Building C is a triangle shaped balcony perfect for overlooking the lawn during an evening event. The balcony is available for evening events only and has a 50 person capacity. All food and drinks must be organized with Stomping Grounds vendors. No outside food or drinks are allowed. 

The Balcony

Underneath our shaded Oak trees on the south side of the lawn lies our Little Dreamer Coffee kiosk. The west and east side of the kiosk are seated areas with tables and benches for groups of 20 people. Rent either the East or West side separately, or both for larger parties. Catering packages are available. No outside food or drinks.